Unexpected Upgrade: New Job and New State

I do try to stay on topic with mostly Linux, Networking, or general IT related posts but as you can tell, I’ve got my own things going on to. However, this is a huge milestone for me.

For sometime now, my fiance’, Chrissie, and I have been saving up all we can to move to Gainesville Florida. She’s had her heart set on getting into a Zoo Technology program at Santa Fe College. As far as education in the Animal field goes, good programs outside of the Veterinarian persuasion are rather rare, especially the good ones. This school actually has it’s own teaching zoo, thus, she’s had her heart set on it for quite some time. I was a bit partial to Florida at first. I was worried about hurricanes, the climate, the bugs, the traffic, the cost-of-living….. lots of things that weigh on a mind. After talking with many people who’ve been there, I, I mean we, decided on moving there.

We just recently took a short trip to Gainesville from Tuesday afternoon to early Saturday Morning. Most of our trip was driving, but we had a good solid 2 days in the college town. We really weren’t expecting much to get done. She’d been looking at apartment listings via Craigslist, and I’d been hunting jobs casually, but we were expecting to come up with the cheapest place we could find, she’d get any job she could, and I’d once again rely on my reluctant mastery of the grocery industry. Merely days before our trip, I emailed a finished version of my resume to a publications company local to Gainesville. I’d seen them looking for Admins and Helpdesk types for a while, so I thought “Why not?” Within hours of sending my resume, an email conversation took place between the HR head and myself. I explained our trip and that I’d be in town soon, explained that I’ll be moving officially on the 14th of August, etc, etc. Even before starting to pack my bags, I had an interview lined up for Thursday morning! They were looking for someone with Linux knowledge, particularly of the self-taught type.

The night before my interview, Chrissie had stopped by a local fish and reef supply store to see if they were hiring at all. She currently works for a local pet store, but it’s not like Petco or Petsmart. Just like most most tech-savvy individuals rarely buy parts from Best Buy or the now-defunct Circuit City, most knowledgeable pet owners prefer to shop at smaller, more specialized shops. The store she currently works at a store that’s mostly saltwater and freshwater fish, but also has reptiles, and rodents, while this new store is just fish (which is a plus to her. No more cleaning cages!). After a 20 minute conversation with the owners of the shop, she’s hired and starts in a couple weeks.

My interview was much more drawn out. I talked not only with a person from Human Resources, but I also talked from a few people from the IT department. There were also some Networking and Linux tests, but they were primarily to see what I knew and didn’t know. This day of interviews and testing ended in a huge milestone for me. Yeah, it’s my 11th job since 2005, but it’s more than a job. Almost everything else I’ve done before was just for a paycheck. I needed money, and someone else needed groceries bagged, food cooked, floors cleaned, shelves stocked, idiot customers directed somewhere, or trucks unloaded. And yeah, this job is better pay, but I could get the same pay riding on the garbage truck picking up trash. This isn’t just a job; it’s the start of a career. That’s what excites me. I’ll actually be doing something I love to do (and getting paid a livable income to do so). My road to becoming a Linux/UNIX Network Administrator just got kicked into high-gear.

As far as our apartment went, Chrissie had found this guy on Craigslist who had setup up a lease for a 2br, 2.5 bath, 2 story apartment in a nice complex at a one day special of $699 (regularly $799). However, before he and his girlfriend ever got to move in, she was promoted to a position out of town. He’d already paid the deposit and fees, but we get to take over his lease which starts in August. All we have to do is pay $700 at the time of move in, and this nice apartment is ours. Best of all, it’s in biking distance to my new work, so I’m not obligated to get a car just yet.

The trip that we didn’t think would accomplish anything has in fact, accomplished everything we’d set out to do. We had thought this was going to be a lateral transfer, but this is actually a very worthy upgrade. To put it simply, we can’t wait.


2 Responses to Unexpected Upgrade: New Job and New State

  1. Bryan T. says:

    Hey man! I’ve been reading your blog and it’s great. I am aspiring to become a network adminstrator as well. I starting School this January of 2011.. What do you think of this curriculum?




    • thatlinuxguy says:

      Hi Bryan, I’m glad to hear that you like the post and the blog overall. I’m not great at sticking with it but I’m trying. 🙂

      As for the school program, it looks decent, but I’m not a great person to ask about the cirriculum. I have NO college experience as I myself am hoping to start school early 2011. Aside from going to school, keep a home network. Get a secondary computer (a weaker and/or older one is perfectly fine) and use it as a server. One thing I’ve learned is that IT, like many other things in life, relies primarily on experience. You can only learn so much from teachers, books, whitepapers, etc. Get out there (or stay in if that’s your thing) and do it.

      As always, I wish you the best of luck in your ventures and let me know how you do. 🙂


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