Unexpected Upgrade: New Job and New State

July 26, 2009

I do try to stay on topic with mostly Linux, Networking, or general IT related posts but as you can tell, I’ve got my own things going on to. However, this is a huge milestone for me.

For sometime now, my fiance’, Chrissie, and I have been saving up all we can to move to Gainesville Florida. She’s had her heart set on getting into a Zoo Technology program at Santa Fe College. As far as education in the Animal field goes, good programs outside of the Veterinarian persuasion are rather rare, especially the good ones. This school actually has it’s own teaching zoo, thus, she’s had her heart set on it for quite some time. I was a bit partial to Florida at first. I was worried about hurricanes, the climate, the bugs, the traffic, the cost-of-living….. lots of things that weigh on a mind. After talking with many people who’ve been there, I, I mean we, decided on moving there.
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